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My Tips for Crafting A Gripping Mystery Novel

Writing a murder mystery can be incredibly rewarding when done well. Let’s break down the key elements more comprehensively to help guide you through the process–the way I approached writing Paper Ghosts, a Fenn Cooper Novel: Compelling Protagonists Character Development: Your protagonists, typically detectives or amateur sleuths (or in the case of Paper ghosts a journalist and a little person

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How Paper Ghosts Breaks The Mold Of Traditional Mystery Novels

“Paper Ghosts” breaks the mold of traditional mystery novels in several innovative ways, particularly through its unique character development and thematic depth. Traditional mystery novels often rely on familiar tropes and archetypes, but “Paper Ghosts” subverts these expectations by humanizing characters who are typically marginalized or portrayed as caricatures, and by delving into the complex, flawed nature of its protagonists.

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In the Little World: A True Story of Dwarfs, Love, and Trouble

In 1997, almost by accident, John H. Richardson found himself sharing a hotel with more than a thousand dwarfs. Over the course of a single week, he witnessed love and anger, fear and bravery, arrogance and humility, even a bizarre romantic deception — the entire spectrum of human emotion in one concentrated dose. But at the end of the week,

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Ten Murder and Mystery Novels That Are Hidden Gems on Amazon In 2024

Do you crave the thrill of mystery novels that deliver spine chilling suspense and keep you guessing until the very end? 2024 has been the year of some of the best murder mysteries novels, bringing you weaves of plots & twists with a captivating selection of reads that may not be everyone’s cup of tea but are certainly worth your

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