Jesse Kalfel
Mystery & Screenplay Writer

“Step right up for… a surprising murder mystery.”

Kirkus Reviews

Fenn Cooper is a journalist who must solve a series of grisly murders before his new friends end up dead.

Time is running out!
A little person fortune teller joins a quirky
journalist to uncover a desperate murder plot
before more people wind up dead.

“Jesse Kalfel is interviewed on The Morning Show. He explains how certain events in his life inspired characters and settings in “Paper Ghosts.” These include his childhood friendship with a “little person”; his work with a traveling circus and the friendships he formed with people working side show acts; and his studies of film history, which exposed him to movies made during the silent movie era, especially in Ithaca, NY, where “Paper Ghosts” is set.”

Fenn Cooper is a journalist in trouble. His boss has given him one last chance to write a riveting story or lose his job.

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